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Preview: The Meta VS. RED Team

(CTF_Sawmill, Late Morning)

It was a good day for the mercenaries of Reliable Excavation and Demolitions, more commonly known as RED. The BLU mercs had once again been pushed back, and the team was enjoying a hearty breakfast in their home base. At a makeshift table, the nine mercenaries sat back and enjoyed themselves, laughing, eating, and slapping eachother on the back. Among them were:
A scrawny but speedy-looking young man, wearing a baseball cap and with a bat strapped to his belt...
A burly american with an army hat and several grenades taped to his bandolier like badges...
A masked figure with a gas mask and a flame-proof suit that covered their entire body...
A Black scotsman sporting an eyepatch and Claymore, drinking from a bottle of booze...
Heavy Russian man with fingerless gloves...
A texan with a hard hat, goggles, and one orange glove on his right hand...
A german man with a Doctor's outfit and a slightly unstable expression...
An australian
:iconzephyrosomega:ZephyrosOmega 2 8
The Arbiter Silences His Foes in DEATH BATTLE!
Real Name: Thel 'Vadam
Gender: Male
Height: 7'10" (238 cm)
319 pounds (145 kg)
Alias: The Arbiter
Species: Sangheili
Holds the title of Arbiter
-The highest possible rank a Sangheili can hold
Destroyed the Mass Drivers of the starship Rubble
Shrugged off being shot with SMGs
Has only been wounded twice in canon
-In gameplay, it's a different story
Turned against the Covenant and allied himself with humanity
-Got the rest of the Covenant to follow suit
Has an impressive kill count, even by Halo standards
Aided Master Chief in the destruction of the Flood
Executed the Sangheili Prophet of Truth
Became a guest character in Killer Instinct

Superhuman Strength
-Weapons can effortlessly slice through aliens and humans alike
-Should be comparable to Master Chief, who can Deflect anti-tank missiles with his hands
-Experiences little to no recoil from guns humans normally can't wield

Superhuman S
:iconzephyrosomega:ZephyrosOmega 21 8
DBX: Bayonetta VS. Lightning


The desolate city of Fabulis Nova Crysallis, known more prominently as Valhalla.
In this sacred place, sealed away from the rest of time, no signs of life were present in the once-bustling metropolis.
None, however, except for one girl, clad in dark armor and carrying a weapon that crossed a sword and a gun.
The knight known as Lightning Farron was waiting for another attack by Caius Ballad and his monstrous army. As she patiently paced the top of a building, her eyes peeled for any signs of motion, her hand gripped her prized gunblade, Overture. Despite the constant threat, she had nothing to do but wait...
That is, until she heard the slight
:iconzephyrosomega:ZephyrosOmega 16 7
Meta Knight swoops into DEATH BATTLE!
Age: at least 50,000 years
Height: 2-3 feet (Going by smash height
Species: Star Warrior
Occupation: Conqueror, Kirby's Rival, Star Warrior
First Appearance: Kirby's Adventure (1993)
Has a badass Spanish accent for some reason
Is capable of fighting on par with Kirby and King dedede
Other than possibly Kirby, is the strongest warrior in the galaxy
Defeated Galacta Knight, who was sealed away because he was too powerful
-Is implied to be more powerful than kirby
Flew across our solar system in seconds 
Has displayed similar power to Kirby
-Who can crack planets in half
Summoned the Omnipotent wish granter Nova
Worthy to wield the legendary sword Galaxia
Known as the most broken character in Super Smash Bros. History

-Has traded blows with Kirby, who can:
--Crack a planet in half with one punch
--Toss a giant monster into the sun and back
--Throw Marx from the moon into Nova... on the other side of the
:iconzephyrosomega:ZephyrosOmega 28 15
Quick Match Claims

:iconzephyrosomega:ZephyrosOmega 2 20
Prelude Part 1: The Meta VS. RED Team
Elr0nd: If there's one thing science has ever proven, it's this. Mercenaries. Are. Awesome.
Evan: They're certainly effective. These hired killers have become some of the deadliest warriors in history and fiction.
Zephyr: Agent Maine, the Meta.
Alana: And the RED team, Subsidiaries of TF industries. I'm Alana, He's Evan...
Zephyr: I'm Zephyr, and that guy's Elr0nd.
Elr0nd: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to see who would win...
Evan: A death battle.


The Meta
Aka: Freelancer Agent Maine
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Affiliations: Project Freelancer (formerly), Agent Washington and Doc (formerly)
Occupations: Freelancer (formerly)
Described as being "the scariest fucking mute in the galaxy"
Has an enormous kill count
Hunted and killed several Freelan
:iconzephyrosomega:ZephyrosOmega 6 33
Ichigo Kurosaki cuts into DEATH BATTLE!!!
Age: 17
Height: 5'11" (181 cm)
Weight: 145 lbs (66 kg)
Species: Shinigami
Occupation: Hollow hunter, shinigami
Before obtaining his Shinigami powers, escaped from Rukia's binding spell
-Such a feat should be impossible for a human
Held his own against a hollow before obtaining any powers
Regularly masters advanced Shinigami techniques in days
-Techniques which even gifted Shinigami take at least 10 years to learn
Has defeated countless Hollows and other Shinigami 
Curbstomped Aizen, who was able to easily beat all of the Gotei 13
Matched and defeated Grimmjow
Cleaved the top off a mountain
Fought yhwach to a draw

Enhanced Strength
-Even outside of his Shinigami form, is extremely strong
 *Smashed a man's head through a concrete wall
-With his Shinigami form, extremely powerful
 *Cleaved a Plateau in half
 *Knocked out three Shinigami lieutenants in one punch each
 *Shattered a Zanpakuto in a single
:iconzephyrosomega:ZephyrosOmega 17 11
Warrior of Light revives DEATH BATTLE!

Warrior of Light
Real name: unknown
Height: rather tall
Weight: unknown
Aliases: The Light warrior, savior of the crystals, Knight
Occupations: Knight, Hero
Restored the power of the four crystals
Defeated Garland, the finest swordsman the world
Helped kill the four elemental fiends
-Lich, who caused an entire continent to wither and die
-Marilith, who ravaged a continent with volcanic eruptions
-Kraken, who caused all the world's oceans to rage
-Tiamat, who stopped the winds of the entire planet
Helped defeat the four dark fiends Ceberus. Echidna, Ahriman, and Two-headed Dragon In the Earthgift Shrine
Helped defeat the archfiends Rubicante, Kainazzo, scarmigilone, and Valvalis in Hellfire Chasm
Helped defeat Gilgamesh, Shinryu, and Omega in lifespring grotto
Helped defeat Ultros, Chupon, Doom Gaze, and the Phantom Train in Whisperwind Cove
Traveled to the past and killed the demon Chaos
Solved the Labyrinth of Time's many puzzles
Considered to be the archetype Tank cl
:iconzephyrosomega:ZephyrosOmega 7 3
NEW one Minute Melee by ZephyrosOmega NEW one Minute Melee :iconzephyrosomega:ZephyrosOmega 2 19
Homura Akemi loops time in DEATH BATTLE!

Age: 14 physically, in her 20's mentally
Height: 5'1 - 5'2
Weight: Unknown
Species: Magical Girl
Ethnicity: Japanese
Made a contract with the alien Kyubey to become a Magical Girl
One of the more powerful Magical Girls in the series, Exceeded only by Goddess Madoka
-Stated to be the most powerful Magical Girl, so long as her opponent does not know the nature of her power
Discovered Kyubey's deceitful nature and killed him
Traveled through almost 100 time loops in an attempt to stop Walpurgisnacht 
As a witch, Was on equal terms with Madoka, Sayaka, Kyoko, and Mami all at the same time
Eventually rewrote the entire universe so that Madoka could be happy
Subject of the best Yuri ship ever
-Kicks hard enough to cause shockwaves
-Extremely athletic as a result of her time loops
-Staggered Sayaka Miki with a kick
-Dodged Mami Tomoe's bullets at point-blank range
--Mami's bullets move at slightly above sonic speeds (http://www
:iconzephyrosomega:ZephyrosOmega 21 34
Death Battle: Soma Cruz VS. Ragna PART 1 OF 2

Zephyr: alright, the combatants are set, and their strengths and weaknesses have both been analyzed.
Elr0nd: So, what are we waiting for? It's time...
Evan: One moment! After further consideration, we realized that Soma can indeed use more than one of each soul type at a time. the limit was merely a gameplay mechanic. But I digress. 
Zephyr: I'd also like to mention that this is the first time we've ever had to do a multi-part match, but hey, let's capitalize on the hype! It's time...
(Ronin-gai, 13th hierarchical city of Kagutsuchi - Early nighttime)
Soma wasn't sure exactly how he got here. All he could remember was taking a warp point out of the abyss and winding up in a... city. the environment definitely looked Japanese, but that wasn't counting the townsfolk. He almost thought they were monsters, until he reali
:iconzephyrosomega:ZephyrosOmega 11 12
Death Battle Match Ideas: Predator
Yeah, we all know this classic alien hunter. And what better place for a killer like him than an internet show where he can kill people? It's just common knowledge!
(Note: I'l leaving out fights that are either claimed or completed. So, no Boba fett or Xenomorph.)

Predator VS. Riddick (Chronicles of Riddick)

Alien hunter VS hunter of Aliens.
Owned by :IconBreloom-Da-Bassgod:

Mewtwo (Pokemon) VS. Predator 
Bloodthirsty beings of science.

Prophet (Crysis) VS. Predator

Two stealthy killers with advanced Tech.

Predator VS. Kraven the Hunter (Marvel Comics)
Does this really need an explanation?

Predator VS. Arbiter (Halo)
Two alien races, similar in appearance, with advanced tech and weaponry.
Given to :iconEpicLucario52:

:iconzephyrosomega:ZephyrosOmega 8 21
Shoutout to a friend
Yeah, this is a new one for me, eh? Anyway, a good friend of mine started a DeviantArt account today, and he's gonna take up Death Battle writing! I don't know much about what he has planned, but one match I know he wants to do is Zuko from Avatar VS. Jaller from Bionicle. Anyway, give his page a watch, he's a great guy.
:iconzephyrosomega:ZephyrosOmega 1 0
Claiming some Matches!
Yes, I'm working on Soma VS. Ragna. Just been busy, what with school, family life, and overall chaos. For now, I'm claiming matches because of course I am.

:iconzephyrosomega:ZephyrosOmega 7 16
Archer of Ruby: Robin Hood by ZephyrosOmega Archer of Ruby: Robin Hood :iconzephyrosomega:ZephyrosOmega 3 0 Saber of Ruby: Beowulf by ZephyrosOmega Saber of Ruby: Beowulf :iconzephyrosomega:ZephyrosOmega 1 5


Iron Man vs. Green Lantern - Prelude

Jack: "The power of creation. Whether through technology or, more unconventional means, there's no doubt it's one of the most powerful abilities to have. And these two are great proof of that."
Razor: "Tony Stark, the invincible Iron Man."
Jack: "And Hal Jordan, one of Earth's Green Lanterns. When it comes to the debate of the Avengers and Justice League, this match-up is good enough to warrant an amalgamation of the two."
Razor: "I'm... He-he's not kidding."
Razor: "...All right, did that sink in for you? Good. I'm Razor and this guy's Jack."
Jack: "And we're here to analyze everything they've got to determine the winner... of a Death Battle."
Iron Man
Razor: "There are inventors, there are dreamers... And then there's Anthony Edward Stark, more commonly known as the armored avenger, Iron Man."
Jack: "Howard and Maria Stark were the corporate owners of Stark Industries, a business that specialized in developing weapons for military
:iconadamgregory04:AdamGregory04 14 10
Yet the Waters Ever Change by locomotive111 Yet the Waters Ever Change :iconlocomotive111:locomotive111 119 2
Prelude: Pit vs. Dante

Tendo: Video games. They're really awesome, and I don't know any normal person on the internet that can disagree with me.
Ruby: But these also use several characters of different types! Like angels and demons. And today, that's just the two that will be fighting.
Geno: Pit, servant to Lady Palutena!
Ruby: And Dante, the demon killer! He's Geno, and that's Tendo!
Tendo: And it's our job to analyze fighters to see who would win in a Death Battle!
Age: Unknown, but probably around 14
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 128 lbs
Even though he can't fly, he's still the commander of Palutena's Army
Defeated Medusa twice
Defeated Hades
Battled the Underworld Army
Battled the Forces of Nature
Defeated Pyrrhon
-Also defeated the Aurum
Alongside Dark Pit, defeated the Chaos Kin
Beat Dark Pit in a battle
Completed the tests allowing him to get the Great Sacred Treas
:icontendothegamer:TendoTheGamer 24 16

Heimerdinger vs. The Engineer: DEATH BATTLE
Korin: All right, the combatants are set! Which of these geniuses will end up being the victor?
    Prelude: Heimerdinger vs. Engineer: DEATH BATTLE Prelude
Korin: Now, let's settle this debate once and for all!
    Location: pl_badwater (Badwater Basin)

Another down. And another. These enemies were dropping like flies.
A large man with a Russian accent ran forth,
:iconbarlowsandist:BarlowSandist 27 15
Boba Fett vs. Predator prelude

Ray: One of the scariest aspects in the world is having a deadly hunter from another world after your head, be it for glory or for money. And these two are some of the most feared hunters in science fiction…
Steel: Boba Fett, Star Wars’ infamous bounty hunter…
Ray: And the Predator, the lethal alien slaughterer.
Steel: I’m Steel and he’s Ray…
Ray: And it’s our job to analyze the weapons, armor, and skills of these two warriors to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE.

First Appearance: The Star Wars Holiday Special (1978)
Height: 6’
Weight: 172lbs
Ethnicity: Mandalorian (cloned)
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Took up his father’s armor and legacy
Regularly employed by the Galactic Empire
-Sometimes called Vader’s “right hand man”
Escaped the Sarlacc pit
-Only person to have done it
:icondimension-dino:Dimension-Dino 27 19
Unlimited Bunny Works by Madgamer2k7 Unlimited Bunny Works :iconmadgamer2k7:Madgamer2k7 485 39 Akuma x Darkrai/Zoroark - Street Fighter x Pokemon by BonnyJohn Akuma x Darkrai/Zoroark - Street Fighter x Pokemon :iconbonnyjohn:BonnyJohn 147 26 M. Bison x Mewtwo - Street Fighter x Pokemon by BonnyJohn M. Bison x Mewtwo - Street Fighter x Pokemon :iconbonnyjohn:BonnyJohn 110 30
YouTuber Match Sale!
Since I had recently made the YouTuber Hall of Records, we really need some more YouTubers involved. So what better way than to have a match sale?

Tiny Box Tim vs Septiceye Sam vs Jacques

Jacksepticeye vs .GIFfany

Tobuscus vs .GIFfany

Skydoesminecraft vs BajanCanadian

Rhett and Link vs Smosh

Steve? vs Angry Video Game Nerd

Slenderman vs Pewdiepie

Markiplier vs Pewdiepie

Drunk Minecraft Battle Royale

Smosh vs Slenderman
:icontheuberchargedguy217:TheUberchargedGuy217 2 19
Human Velvela Sketches by RakkuGuy Human Velvela Sketches :iconrakkuguy:RakkuGuy 1,186 117 Velvela at the beach by RakkuGuy
Mature content
Velvela at the beach :iconrakkuguy:RakkuGuy 882 87
Gaze Upon the Power of a God!-Prelude

Adv: This is it, the final clash!
Game: Asura, the god killer
Adv: And Thor, the God of Thunder.
Game: These two titans of the fictional realm are some of the most powerful characters imaginable, as well as interpretations of mythological deities, but only one will walk out of the ring alive.
Adv: He's Game and I'm Advanced!
Game: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills, to find out who would win a Death Battle.

Also Known As: Thor Odinson, The God of Thunder, Son of Earth, Thorr, The Thunderer, The Golden Avenger, etc.
Height: 6'6
Weight: 640 lbs.
Occupation: The God of Thunder and Crown Prince of Asgard
Debut Appearance: Venus #11 (1950)
So Powerful that Deadpool cowered away from a fight and asked for an autograph instead
Is one of, if not the most powerful Avenger there is
:icongameboyadv:GameboyAdv 13 11
Dialga vs Silver the Hedgehog: Prelude

Negative: Time. The one thing that has an impact on the way we live. Everyday some even wish it control it, and these two are prime examples of manipulating time. Like Silver the Hedgehog, the Iblis killer..........
Emily: And Dialga, the Temporal Pokemon.....
Jackson: Nintendo vs Sega, baby!
Dust: We're Jackson, Emily, Negative, and Dust, and it's out job to analyze their weapons, armor, and abilities to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE!

(Thanks to  for Silver's Bio!)

Name: Silver the Hedgehog
Aka: Silver
Age: 16
Occupation: Time Traveler/Freedom Fighter
Height: 3'3"
Weight: 77 lbs
Species: Hedgehog
Theme: <a href="">
:icontheuberchargedguy217:TheUberchargedGuy217 14 20
A well known angel in fiction.
He's battled against powerful foes, like Hades..
Or Medusa..
And several of those things..
But with every light, there's a darkness to counter it.
And demons..

Pit vs. Dante
:icontendothegamer:TendoTheGamer 4 26
Dark Samus corrupts Death Battle!!!

Dark Samus
Alias: Metroid Prime, The Dark Hunter
Height: 6'3"
Weight: Unknown
Age: As Metroid Prime ancient, as Dark Samus  in between 6 months and a year.
Destructive Capability: Star level

- Took over the Space Pirates single handedly within at the most 6 months
- Would've easily taken down the Galactic Federation if not for Samus's intervention
- Defeated Samus and 3 other Bounty Hunters with a single blast
- Managed to gain control of Phaze the source of Phazon and a living thinking(?) planet
- Managed to corrupt and control every living thing she came across bar Samus
- Was a Assist Trophy in SSB4 
-- Not a playable character (which is sad for Metroid)
- Quickly became a fan favorite of the series after appearing in just two games (as Dark Samus at least)

:iconbreloom-da-bassgod:Breloom-Da-Bassgod 25 13
Thoughts on Dante vs. Bayonetta
Amazing start to season 3. The animation was awesome, and the entire battle overall was amazing.
That winner was really unexpected, though. Everyone expected Bayonetta to win, but Dante won.
But now, one major thing that I liked most about the fight.
My most wanted fight is Bowser vs. King Dedede. This means there is a actual chance for my most wanted fight to be a reality.
Or it could just be Bowser vs King K. Rool or Ganondorf, and disappoint entirely.
But there's a chance!
:icontendothegamer:TendoTheGamer 2 14



(Credit to :icondimension-dino: for the bio)


First Appearance: Team Fortress 2 (2007)
Classes: 9 in total
Occupations: Assassins, Mercenaries, Hitmen
Affiliation: Reliable Excavation and Demolition

Have taken on a dark sorcerer, armies of robots, mutated loaves of bread, and a horseless headless horseman
Are regularly pitted in open warfare against the BLU Team
Because of extreme specialization, prove to be great with teamwork
-Becomes a little hard, some members considered

Zephyr: Red and Blue. People sure love making these colors fight to the death, don't they?

Elr0nd: Yeah, well, that's what happens when two brothers go to war.

Evan: Our story begins upon the war of two brothers, Redmond and Blutarch Mann.

Alana: Sooooo asking for it!

Evan: Indeed. They were fighting over which son would inherit the property (and company) of their father Zepheniah.

Zephyr: Huh. Sounds like me. What if... I'M REDMANN!?

Evan: No. No you are not.

Zephyr: Aw....

Evan: Anyway... to make a long and complex story short, Both brothers hired mercenaries to wage an unending and unwinnable war against eachother.

Elr0nd: And that's where it all starts! Wait, why does each class look the same anyway? Are all the mercenaries just sets of twins?

Evan: More than likely.

Zephyr: Let us know in the comments below! he said, breaking the fourth wall.

Evan: This is an internet show. The fourth wall is nothing to us. Anyway...

(NOTE: Due to the length of the bio, I won't be adding any commentary. This lets me get to work on the actual fight quicker.)

Scout by Dimension-Dino

Real Name: Unknown
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 122lbs
HP: 125 (below average)
Speed: 133/100 (above average)
Type: Offensive Class

Fastest member of the team
Defeated a BLU Heavy on his own

Helped Miss Pauling destroy the giant bread monster
-Wooed Miss Pauling(?)

-Useful in crossing larger gaps
-Also handy for evading attacks
-33% faster than average, when baseline
Double Standard
-When capturing a base/pushing a cart, counts as 2 people

File:Backpack Force-A-Nature.png

-Shotgun design
-Rounds: 2 rounds per reload
-2-shot minimum to kill most classes
-Lethal at close-range
-Weak at mid-range
-Useless at long-range
-Force can propel Scout through the air
Pistol by Dimension-Dino

-Semi-automatic handgun
-Rounds: 12
-Close- to mid-range effectiveness
Bonk by Dimension-Dino
Bonk! Atomic Punch
-Soda the Scout can drink
-Renders him invulnerable for 8 seconds
-Still affected by knockback or stunning attacks
-Cannot use weapon while invulnerable
Sandman by Dimension-Dino

-Call to Scout’s love of baseball
-Fastest swing of any melee weapon in TF2
-Does lowest damage, though
-Launches baseball that can stun enemy for as long as eight seconds
-Taunt can send enemy flying in a homerun
-Lowers Scout's HP to 110

+Faster than all his teammates
+Excels at hit-and-run tactics
+At close-range, many of his weapons are lethal
-Extremely smug and loudmouthed
-Lowest HP of the team
-Lacks long-range weaponry

(Scout: Grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brudda? I hurt people!)

Soldier by Dimension-Dino

Real Name: Jane Doe (Possibly pronounced John Doe)
Height: 6'
Weight: 198lbs
Health: 200 (above average)
Speed: 80/100 (below average)
Type: Offensive Class

Went to Europe to fight Nazis 1949, long after the war ended
Snapped the neck of an Ussuri Brown Bear with bare hands
-Can grow to be ten feet tall and weigh 1500lbs

Rocket Jump
-At the cost of some HP, can boost his jump to get to higher grounds
Above-Average Stamina
-Allows him to tank more attacks than some of his teammates
Taunt Attack
-Rushes his enemy and pulls the pins from the grenades on his chest
-Suicide move

Rocket Launcher by Dimension-Dino
Rocket Launcher
-Rounds: 4
-Good at mid- to long-range combat
-Allows for rocket jumping
-Does explosive splash damage
Shotgun by Dimension-Dino

-Rounds: 6
-Good at close-range
-Loses effectiveness at longer range
Shovel by Dimension-Dino

-Actually a foldable entrenching tool
-Decent melee weapon damage
-Not really good for digging holes (as claimed by Soldier)

-A pickaxe
-Very good melee weapon damage
-Specializes in Armor Piercing


+Can tank more hits than many of his teammates
+Packs some mean firepower
+Rocket Jump can come in handy
-Not very bright
-Not the fastest member of his team
-Lacks variety

(The Soldier: And from that day forward, anytime a bunch of animals are together in one place, it’s called a ZOO! Unless it’s a farm!)

Pyro by Dimension-Dino
Real Name: Unknown
Height: 5'9"
Weight: Unknown
Health: 175 (average)
Speed: 100% (average)
Type: Offensive Class

Annihilated an entire BLU Fort single-handedly
Took over a corporation without revealing its identity
Can perform a Hadoken with a special taunt
-No, I'm not joking.

-A blast of RED fire shot from the pyro's hands
-Pyro sees everything in "pyrovision"
-Pyro does not realize that they're hurting anyone

Flamethrower by Dimension-Dino

-Sets enemies on fire, slowly draining health
-Can fire a pressurized air blast to deflect projectiles, put out fires, or knock enemies back
-Mid-Range weapon
-Pyro views it as a Rainblower, which shoots rainbows and creates flowers
Flaregun by Dimension-Dino
Flare Gun
-Pistol-shaped weapon
-Fires arcing, short-range projectiles
-Ignites enemies on impact

Axe by Dimension-Dino

Fireman’s Axe
-Pyro’s primary melee weapon
-Does decent melee damage
-Pyro once killed a bear with one of these babies
-Lined with asbestos
-Protects from afterburn of enemy flames
-Does not protect from direct blast

+Good for hit-and-run tactics
+Can weaken enemies so other allies can take them out easier
+Resistant to fire
-Weapons lack range
-Lack of touch with reality
-Designed to burn enemies down, not kill them outright

(Pyro walks, rhythmically through Pyroland...before a hole is shown to be blown in a BLU Soldier, revealing the burnt-down base and mutilated corpses)

Demoman by Dimension-Dino
Real Name: Tavish Finnegan Degroot
Height: 6'
Weight: 200lbs
Health: 175 (average)
Speed: 93/100 (slightly below average)
Class: Defense

Attempted to blow up the Loch Ness Monster
Lost eye and gained explosives knowledge by reading the Bombinomicon
-A book owned by Merasmus, the Dark Wizard (and Soldier's roommate)

Launcher by Dimension-Dino

Grenade Launcher
-Rounds: 6
-Fires grenades that bounce and can get past obstacles
-Grenades explode on contact, but wait a few seconds if they miss
Sticky by Dimension-Dino

Stickybomb Launcher
-Rounds: 8
-Fires adhesive explosives
-Bombs are remotely activated
-8 can be on the field at a time

Bottle by Dimension-Dino

-Melee weapon of choice
-Demoman has one of the strongest melee attacks
Eyelander by Dimension-Dino

-Enchanted Claymore sword
-Possesses a dead spirit
-Good for beheading and heals/speeds up Demoman with each head taken
-Decreases Demoman's health and speed

+Knowledge of environment and explosives means well-versed in traps
+Weapons are VERY deadly
+Very proficient melee combatant
-Weapon reload is quite long
-Consumption of alcohol could prove costly in long run

(Demoman: Oh, they’re going to have to glue you back together...IN HELL!)

Heavy by Dimension-Dino
Real Name: Misha (Short for Mikhail)
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 250lbs
Health: 300 (above average)
Speed: 77 (below average)
Class: Defensive

Can kill a man by finger-gunning them and shouting "pow"
-Causes them to explode into chunks (small focus point, though)
Killed a mother bear while his teammates killed cubs
-Cubs were grizzly-sized
Effortlessly lugs around a portable minigun


Minigun by Dimension-Dino

-Rounds: 200
-Spraying machine gun
-Can do heavy damage
-Firing or spinning slows Heavy down
Sandvich by Dimension-Dino

-Food item that the Heavy can drop for allies to use
-Restores health to whoever picks it up
-Just as likely for enemies to pick up (must be placed carefully)
Fists by Dimension-Dino
-Heavy is only person who uses fists instead of a weapon
-Likely very strong considering Heavy’s size and build

+Extremely deadly primary weapon
+Most stamina of the classes
+Sandviches can boost allies’ health
-Slowest of the classes
-Requires a Medic or Engineer to back him up most of the time
-Not that bright (nowhere near Soldier’s level, though)

(Heavy: Some people think they can outsmart me. Maybe...maybe. *leans in* I have yet to meet one that can outsmart BULLET.)

Engineer by Dimension-Dino
Real Name: Dell Conagher
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 170lbs
Health: 125 (below average)
Speed: 100% (average)
Class: Defensive

Held and protected an entire BLU supply van with nothing but Sentry Guns
Not-too-shabby guitar player
Helped solve the bread-tumor problem with Medic
-Soldier did NOT help

Shotgun by Dimension-Dino

-See “the Soldier”
Pistol by Dimension-Dino

-See “The Scout”
Wrench by Dimension-Dino
-Has two different ones
-One is a bludgeoning weapon
-The other upgrades/repairs his constructs
Self-Destruct Device
-Destroys all constructs
-Prevents enemies from taking advantage of them
-Explosions can damage enemies
Gunslinger by Dimension-Dino
-Prosthetic hand
-Likely hidden under Engie's gloved right hand
-Gives him powerful punch attacks
-Allows for organ-grinder taunt attack

Requires metal from the Engineer to build and upgrade
-Metal typically found in ammo boxes
Sentry1 by Dimension-DinoSentry2 by Dimension-DinoSentry3 by Dimension-Dino
Sentry Gun
-First version looks like a Virtual Boy for some reason
-All three models can be moved (or "hauled" in Engineer's words)
-Fires on enemies that it detects
-Can upgrade two additional times
-Updates include miniguns and rocket launchers
Dispenser by Dimension-Dino
-Dispenses ammo, metal, and health packs
-Puts out allies on fire
-Can be upgraded two additional times
Teleporter by Dimension-Dino
-Two types: entrance and exit
-Used to infiltrate enemy bases
-Advised to not teleport bread

+Good for holding up defenses via Sentry Guns
+Replenishes ammo for allies
+Can get friends behind enemy lines
-Not too imposing on his own (low health and little weapon variety)
-Devices can be destroyed or hacked
-Made for support, not open war

(The Engineer: Like this heavy-caliber, tripod-mounted ol' number designed by me, built by me, and you'd best hope...Not pointed at you.)

Medic by Dimension-Dino
Real Name: Unknown
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 150lbs
Health: 150 (average)
Speed: 107% (above average)
Class: Support

Became a doctor after having lost his license
Outfitted the team with heart upgrades
-How he uses the Ubercharge
Knowledgeable enough to keep patients alive while operating on them

Syringe Gun by Dimension-Dino

Syringe Gun
-Rounds: 40
-Rapid-fire machine gun
-Shoots syringes instead of bullets
-Bullets don’t travel straight, but arc down instead
Medi Gun by Dimension-Dino
Medi Gun
-Uses an energy beam to heal teammates
-Can put them above their average health ratio
-Recently shown to create bulletproof force fields
-Utilizes ubercharge (see below)
Ubercharge by Dimension-Dino
-Special function of Medi Gun
-Charged up by healing teammates
-Grants one teammate and the Medic invincibility for 8 seconds
Ubersaw by Dimension-Dino

-A cross between a bonesaw, a cleaver, and a syringe
-On each successful hit, fills the Ubercharge meter

+Invaluable at healing teammates
+When teamed with specific soldiers, makes them stronger
+Ubercharge is force to be reckoned with
-Ubercharge takes considerable time to charge
-Mentioned ability only lasts about eight seconds and only on one teammate
-Can’t hold his own in a fight (due to lack of truly-effective weapons)

(The Heavy: Doctor! You sure this will work?
The Medic: I HAVE NO IDEA!!!)

Sniper by Dimension-Dino
Real Name: Mundy
Height: 6'
Weight: 150lbs
Health: 125 (below average)
Speed: 100% (average)
Class: Support

Can match the Spy in a knife-fight
The only member of his team who isn't borderline insane, smug, or bloodthirsty
Puts up with parents who disapprove of his work

Sniper Rifle by Dimension-Dino
Sniper Rifle
-Bolt-action, scope-fitted rifle
-Rounds: 25
-When zoomed, damage increases
-Headshots practically killshots
Submachine Gun by Dimension-Dino
Submachine Gun
-Rounds: 25
-Fully automatic
-Notably weak for a machine gun
Jarate by Dimension-Dino
-A jar filled with yellow liquid
-Likely his own urine
-Used to weaken enemies, disrupt their vision, and reveal invisible foes
-Effects last 10 seconds
Huntsman by Dimension-Dino
-Makes no noise when fired
-Mid-Range weapon
-Arrows: 12
-Arrows can be ignited by Pyro
-Arrows also make for handy melee weapons
Kukri by Dimension-Dino
-Hunting knife and machete
-Typically found in Tibet
-Strong for its size (small compared to other machetes)

+Headshots are practically insta-kills
+Very good aim
+Professional and level-headed
-Low health
-Not many effective mid- to close-range weapons
-Can be ambushed when holed up

(The Sniper: Professionals have standards. Be polite. Be efficient. Have a plan to kill EVERYONE you meet.)

Spy by Dimension-Dino
Real Name: Unknown
Height: 6'
Weight: 134lbs
Health: 125 (below average)
Speed: 100% (average)
Class: Support

Revolver by Dimension-Dino

-Rounds 6
-Moderate damage
-Fairly accurate in mid- to close-range
Knife by Dimension-Dino
-Butterfly knife design
-Instant-kill if he backstabs
-Defeated the Sniper in a knife fight
Sapper by Dimension-Dino
-Disables (and eventually destroys) Engineer’s constructs
Cloak by Dimension-Dino
Cloaking Device
-Concealed in Spy’s wristwatch
-Turns him partially-invisible for a brief period of time
-Will stop if Spy attacks an enemy
-Must be recharged if it runs out of power
Disguise by Dimension-Dino
Disguise Kit
-Disguises Spy as one enemy
-Can be found out by close inspection or if enemy Medic tries healing
-Loses disguise if Spy attacks an enemy
-Contains a stash of cigarettes

+Master of espionage and stealth
+Can get around many enemy classes
+Hard to detect when disguised or cloaked
-Outmuscled and outgunned by fellow teammates
-If cover is blown, he’s in trouble
-Low stamina and few weapons


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